Monday, February 11, 2008

Over the mountains

Over the obstacles, facing the dangers
I still have to catch up

I still have to fly

I am not afraid no matter how

Dangerous it is on the way

Before down, I have to be ready

Going forward on the roads being

Able to see my destination

I won’t regret, I am definitely right

I want an exciting tomorrow

Because of you

I will not back away

I want to see achievement

Progressing slowly

Because can make a dream fly

No matter how much longer the road

Ahead of me is I will overcome it all

Every time I close my eyes

I can only think of you, smiling at me

I have surpassed it, everything went smoothly

Just need one more step and

I can reach my destination


abeming said...

ecah ecah...nukilan ko asik seperti apa yg aku duk rasa je...adakah anda berada dlm situasi yg sama seperti hamba...=)

eCah said...

same ke abeming...
"We must strong to Fight"
tuan hamba jgn berduka atau putus asa
hamba disini ada..panggil saje hamba..hamba akan dtg..password nak panggil hamba..ecah supergurl..hamba akan sampai to protect tuan hamba..hahaahaha

abeming said...

hahaha...siap ada kenapa tulis password kat sini...tak secure la...=)

eCah said...

aha nyeh ..nak taip kat ner..
ahh x yah...
abeming teriak jer...
nnt eCah sampai...