Friday, September 11, 2015

My Silence is just another word for my pain

Look the windows
The rain falling down...
I fee so cold right now
This rain like my tears
inside in my heart..

So cold..

I feel so ashamed myself
How could you do this to me
Do you know how I feel...
You never know..

You never know how I try to handle
My feeling...
I try .. To pretend nothing happen
I try .. to close my eyes..

Do you know how I feel
When I try to talk to you
I try to ask you
You not reply it..
This feel killing me...
It totally kill me
It's hurt me

If you're going to leave me
Make it quick
The longer you take
The slower move
The more I hurt

It's okay I will be fine

It's okay....

It's okay.........

My silence is just another word for my pain...

Sometime I just want to get far away
Form it all....
You will never know how deeply.....